Band Biography

Based in Paris, France, Master Crow is a group offering particular sounds by mixing different style to offer a very personal music.

With two auto produced albums, the group acquired a solid experience, whether in the studios or on stage.
In 2012, the group’s first album, Down From The Sky offered a curious mixture of hard-rock and extreme metal with different influences. Contemplation of Death perfectly summarizes the album’s general atmosphere. The group consequently had the chance to play with other bands such as Zuul FX et L’Esprit du Clan.

In 2014, Die for Humanity explores the progressive and alternative tendencies of metal. Above all, Master Crow’s music is Death Metal. To promote the album, the group auto financed a tour of around 20 dates in France.

Beginning 2018, the band goes back to studio to record its new album. This time, the orchestral aspect is way more exploited than the previous one. The arrangements support a, still very powerful, base of Death Metal thanks to energetic drums and striking guitar riffs. This new production, revealed beginning 2019, carries the name of its first title : World Aflame, which is the perfect résumé of Master Crow’s new sound.


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