Repurposed Corpses drum playthrough out now

Today we are finally unveilling our very first drum playthrough for our brand new song “Repurposed Corpses”. Make sure to check it out now on Slam Worldwide Youtube channel!

The story behind the song

After World Aflame, we wanted to make a song that was very fast, more brutal and more like a deathcore song. The first riff is representative of the general tone of the track: fast, massive and groovy but always with a symphonic touch to keep our Orchestral Death Metal side.

Before anything else : a massive instrumental

Repurposed Corpses begins with a typical death metal riff with a question/response in the stereo and then vocals appears. Chorus is inspired by Aversions Crown with those leads guitars that bring a certain melody. Orchestral side operates too with a violin melody written by our drummer, Theo G.

The first breakdown is in C# and let us hearing sound design that match with the steampunk theme, the last breakdown is in low Bb. We wanted to support the deconstruction side of the music with a lower breakdown that remains the same than earlier in the track.

Bringing some melody

At the end of the song, our guitarist Dorian Gate added a nice guitar solo that introduce the last breakdown. It brings some melody to the song that is very riff-based. Consequently the song is more melodic and match better with World Aflame.

This new track sounds less like an orchestral death metal song but more like a deathcore song. It is really something that we wanted to bring diversity in our instrumental.


Lyrics in Repurposed Corpses are more personal than in World Aflame. Written by our bassist Thomas, they focus on the personal story of one of the character in the dystopia we describe. They tell all the horrible things that a mad a man could do in a world of despair.

We would like to thank Slam Worldwide for uploading our first drum playthrough on their channel. We also thank Marlene Reichman who directed the video and made a very qualitative work with us. We hope that you will appreciate the result!


Directing by Marlène Reichman

Master Crow is :
Theo Gendron – Drums
Thomas Cami – Bass
Dorian Gate and Matthieu Gajewski – Guitars
Theo Holander – Vocals

Repurposed Corpses were recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Barbedienne
Drums were recorded by Matthieu Mitchell

Orchestral elements :
Viola: Solène Dumontier
Cello: Nicolas Barbedienne
Violins: our good friend the Computer running Cubase and VST

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