World Aflame lyric video Available

We are pleased to announce that our first Lyric Video for “World Aflame” is out!

The video has been made by our good friend Mederic Havard who also worked for many other french Death Metal band like Exocrine, Gorod…

“World Aflame” is a perfect “photography” of the music we want to offer in the future: blast beats, Death Metal riffing, breakdown, orchestrations and even clean singing… we like to say that we are now an Orchestral Death Metal band.

The story behind the making of the song

Before we started to write “World Aflame”, we were thinking about a theme which we could develop through the music on our next tracks. Besides, it’s more easy to write music while thinking about a theme and a certain universe that we could be declined musically and visually. Quickly, the band agreed on the steampunk era theme and began to create a whole story relevant to it.

First step : the theme

Since we are a Death Metal band, you guess that the story we imagined would not be butterflies and rainbows based…We love cliché and we are french so we imagined a story with revolution, war, sadness and despair (cute, isn’t it?). Here is the pitch:

“The world is ruled with an iron hand by a great divinity called “Master Crow”. Tired of inequality and fearness, people has decided to take its fate in its own hands and fight for their freedom. But their oppressor are not humans, they are more advanced steam machines than humans. The outcome is uncertain and the battle has just begun.”

The music

So with this pitch in head, the idea was to translate it into music. Consequently, Metal elements were obvious : we wanted to continue the line of the music we have always made : Death Metal. And 9 strings guitars, bass and drum are the fundations of our music.

The first riff is inspired by energic metal riff and could make you think about Wagner’s “Ride of the Walkyries”, but this is pure hasard 😉

Adding some orchestral elements

To reinforced the steampunk side we would give to the music, we decided to put some orchestral elements in the track : strings, horns and even a bridge with harpishchord. We think that those elements can recall the old feeling of Steampunk image.

Finally, we wrote lyrics and set the stage of the world we wanted to describe in our music : a World Aflame.

The very final touch was given by Mederic who made the artwork to give a visual aspect to the music and create the lyric video of the track aaaand here it is for you guys.

Master Crow Cast

Master Crow is :
Theo Gendron – Drums
Thomas Cami – Bass
Dorian Gate and Matthieu Gajewski – Guitars
Theo Holander – Vocals

World Aflame were recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Barbedienne
Drums were recorded by Matthieu Mitchell

Orchestral elements :
Viola: Solène Dumontier
Cello: Nicolas Barbedienne
French Horn: Matthieu Gajewski
Trumpet: Christophe Gendron
Violins, trombone and harpishchord: our good friend the Computer running Cubase and VSTs


In a nuttshell, this track can be qualified of orchestral Death Metal. We hope that you will appreciate it!
If so, feel free to share it to your friends and stay tuned for more news about Master Crow!

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